Your apps need leaderboards

If you're developing applications, you might be looking for a way to connect and rank all your users. Leaderboards are the best way you can ensure engaging users of your application.

We take it one notch up and connect all your users, cross country and cross platform. We provide you with a very simple and powerful API that you can use in your applications to rank your users. It's fully customizable and feature packed. You'll love it.

This is an online worldwide leaderboard

Go crazy on how you manage your users ranks. We have absolutely no requirements on how you handle ranking in your applications. We give you complete flexibility on how you want your users to see ranks.

Excited? Us too. We're working really hard to polish the service before releasing it. But if you want an early peek, submit your email below and we will send you an invitation soon. We promise to not share your email with anyone. Ever.

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Superly Simple

The API is super simple. And very powerful. No downloads, no referencing required. Doesn't get easier than this.

Just call our service and we'll take care of everything else. Yeah it's that simple. Try it!


It's a new word we came up with it. It's our way of saying that we use leading standardized technologies.

We believe that no one should feel left out. Not developers, not users, no one. No matter what technology or platform you use.

Unlimited Users

An unlimited number of users can register and contribute to the world wide leaderboard.

Sure, it takes up bandwidth but we like to think of it as an advantage. More users, more playing, more scores, more fun. More better.

It's Free

It's hard to believe but like they say, the best things in life are free. And if you'd like to help out, let us know.

Also tell us what other services you would like to see, we'll try real hard to bring them to life.

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Simple = Customized

From our experience, having everything is not enough. It's all about choices. So we give you choices.

Actually not choices, you get to customize our service to fit your needs, it's like choices but only better.


We use the most beautiful architecture available so that working with our service is simple and feature rich.

RESTful is what the rave is all about these days and we use it so no one feels left out of the hippest thing yet.

Blazing Fast

The aim is to help you develop great applications. And how our service performs shouldn't be on your mind.

Our promise is to provide you with super amazing service... we lie. It's blazing fast super amazing service.

We are Reliable

Don't tell anyone, but we love what we do and we love to do it right. Thus we like to ensure flawless service.

Our lawyer insists we tell you that we will try our best, but things can go wrong. Still, we believe you'll love it.

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